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We are a creative studio supporting innovation through games.

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Grenoble École de Management has emerged as a leader in Serious Games. Since 2013, the Playground,our Serious Games Lab, has produced games in fields like education, technology, and much more. At GEM, R&D of Serious Games focused on the development of new pedagogical approaches that make learners aware of innovation and methods of creativity as well as working with strategic private sector partners on developing internal gamified tools.
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Our Partners

The Design Team


Principal Investigator

Hélène Michel

Project Leader

Edouard Vandeveter

Game Master

Isabelle Patroix

Game Designers

Nils Nerson & Matthew White

Web Designer

Harrison Allen

Game Artist

Léna Loth


Zhuoxuan Li

Scientific Writer

Maya Nasr


Soizic Briand

Special thanks to Alexia Audemar, Ryan Dzelzkalns and all the playtesters!

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Espace Playground – Niveau -1
23, avenue des martyrs 38000 Grenoble

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